We are "Take Me Home" Advocates for Transport, a 501(c)3 non-profit charity organization.

Our Impact

Our mission is to eliminate euthanasia due to lack of space by raising funds to transport dogs from over-crowded shelters to no-kill shelters that have adoption wait lists. Pulling dogs from local rural shelters and arranging for their transport is the only way some rural shelters can stay ahead of the number of dogs that come in daily. It gives the dogs a second chance at life and provides loving families with a wonderful companion. There are places in the United States that have a shortage of adoptable dogs so we are filling two needs by easing overcrowding in Southern shelters and furnishing great dogs to adoptive families.

We are the fundraising arm of this mission and employ independent contractors to do the physical transport.

We are completely volunteer based.

How Can I Help?

  • Like our Facebook Page and share our posts.
  • Support us on your personal website.
  • Donate - We are 100 percent dependent on donations to provide transport.
  • Short term foster - There are times when we need to put dogs that are going on transport into foster homes for 14 days just prior to leaving.
  • Help fundraise - There are many ways to fundraise. Create Facebook fundraiser, or spearhead a fundraising event, etc...
  • Research to find additional transport and destination rescue options.
  • Support our events.


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Q:How much does it cost to transport a dog?

A:It costs approximately $225/dog. This includes cost of transport plus the required health certificates and vaccinations.

Q:How many dogs go on transport?

A:Currently we are sending 15 to 20 dogs per month weather permitting (sometimes winter weather across the northern states prohibits travel into those areas).

Q:What type of vehicles are used?

A:All vehicles used for transporting provide climate-controlled space and are outfitted with kennels for each dog (sometimes puppies can travel in the same kennel).

Q:Who drives?

A:We use drivers who provide their own fully equipped vehicles and are experienced in handling and transporting dogs.

Q:Are the dogs able to get out of their kennels during transport?

A:Yes. The drivers stop and bring all dogs off the vehicle to take breaks along the way. Sometimes people who live along the route will volunteer to help with this process by being at the designated stops at the appropriate time. We call these volunteers "Angels."

Q:Where do the dogs go?

A:Across the northern states are opportunities for the dogs to find loving homes. Some even go into Canada.

Q:What if a dog doesn't get adopted after reaching the destination?

A:Although we haven't dealt with this, we would receive the dog back into our program/shelter. We have an excellent knowledge base on each dog that is transported and only send dogs that we feel strongly will adapt well in their new surroundings.


(Images and success stories of dogs rescued and transported)